Trans Day of Visibility is 365 days a year

It’s one of those calendar day moments: A day specifically to remind all that trans people are valid, trans rights are human rights, and though modern history may have mistreated us, you don’t have to. Oh, hello. I’m pouncing on my trans community prerogative and standing on a soapbox by the water cooler with a megaphone for a […]

Trans day of remembrance always hits hard.

I find myself each time surrounded by reminders that too many trans lives are cut short; thinking about what makes a trans life. A trans life in this point in history is often a simple pursuit of a normal life as one’s self. A trans journey can be transformative and beautiful, but trans lives are […]

Wrath month never ends

This was written a year ago, at the end of pride 2019, before parades made room for demonstrations, before the world changed, giving everyone a taste of the isolation and desperation of the colder side of the trans experience, before the streets filled with our allies and kindred spirits in unity in oppression. Since last […]

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