August 6th Trans Rights Protest Demands

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United kingdom and Leader of the Conservative party, On the 6th August 2021 at 1PM there shall be a protest outside 10 Downing Street, to address the government’s failure to protect and empower marginalised people, notably the transgender and non-binary community. These are our demands.

You can find more information on the protest here: August 6th Trans Rights Protest Info –


We Demand:

  • That transgender and non-binary healthcare is fully overhauled and reformed via:
    • Properly funding transgender and non-binary healthcare to remove the traumatic and outright dangerous minimum 3-5 year waiting list for appointments.
    • Using UK-wide GP-led care, training and supporting GPs to provide bridging prescriptions and referrals to gender-specific counselling.
    • Ensuring that all healthcare professionals follow a baseline of care as outlined by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

  • That transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people under the age of…

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