Trans Day of Visibility is 365 days a year

It’s one of those calendar day moments: A day specifically to remind all that trans people are valid, trans rights are human rights, and though modern history may have mistreated us, you don’t have to.

Oh, hello. I’m pouncing on my trans community prerogative and standing on a soapbox by the water cooler with a megaphone for a minute or several… or technically 365 days a year, depending on how you look at it.

It’s Trans Day of Visibility. A day to celebrate trans people, conceived as a heartening, positive and celebratory commemorative flipside to Trans Day of Remembrance.

And yet, one day for each ain’t hardly enough, because like I said when I was presenting at the Automattic Townhall this year:

Queer communities have historically suffered many injustices, but most of all an injustice of cultivated ignorance; one that you can overcome here simply by reaching out, learning more, and getting involved in our community.

It’s been a hard year to be visible and trans in this most lockdownish and isolated of times, and while there’s been a lot of heartening scope in safe home time for a lot of people to have obliterated some closets, it’s been a super hard time for a lot of trans people to survive through isolation, prejudice and gatekeeping, and a growing number of less than savoury groups have taken their pandemic opportunity to try to demonise trans folks, stealing a lot of the media spotlight and filling our days and sapping our energy while actual trans voices have been heard far less. Suffice to say trans visibility has been in short supply pretty much all year. And yet, as Laura said yesterday:

So here I am to remind everyone that trans people as a whole are perpetually besieged into demi-crisis, yet here we are tanking all of it, and honestly? It’s oof, but it forges great determination, and with that determination I urge you not to look away when you see harm to the trans community, and to do what you can to help ease the harm and celebrate the good things. There’s no one solution, but incremental change has done wonderful things for our community already, and you can help drive that too.

Ways to help and get involved

  • Read trans blogs; you’re in one but I’m far from alone here
  • Follow trans tumblrs; It’s where I first “found” myself
  • Buy works by trans artists
  • Listen to trans musicians
  • Play videogames by trans creators; better yet, an ur-example about being trans
  • Patronise or otherwise assist trans charities in your area
  • Look out for trans charity fundraisers on streaming platforms
  • Be a skeptic for organised seeded skepticism: when you see trans related articles, ask yourself if the outlet or author is queer or trans, and what agenda it may represent
  • Learn about trans rights in your area and where lacking, write your local lawmakers
  • Learn about TERFs 😦 …and not from terfs, either
  • Remember this is 24/7/365 for us and whatever you do, however incremental, to help and connect: don’t stop!

Trans Rights are Human Rights.

This post was lightly forked from an internal post at Automattic.

We’re open source like that – and safespace enough for an outspoken activist and self-taught WP dev like me to be doing work like this alongside my engineering work.

That’s a hint, queer & trans devs.

– Tal

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